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Die zehn besten Zuschauer-Kommentare zu Fifty Shades of Grey

Was wir von dem vom ‚Fifty Shades of Grey‘ Movie halten, konntet ihr ja schon hier lesen. Aber wie fanden denn die Abermillionen anderen Zuschauer (allein am Premierentag sahen in ihn Deutschland 1,35 Mio) die Verfilmung des Klut Erotikbuchs? Dafür haben wir uns mal vertrauensvoll an IMDB die größte Film-Datenbank der Welt gewendet. Und wir müssen zugeben: Wir haben selten so gelacht :-D :-D :-D

1. „This movie raped my intelligence“

2. „There are Fifty Reasons to STAY AWAY.“

3. „If a man had written the book he would probably be in jail“

4. „We gave it half an hour and then I leaned over to my friend and said „Do you think there’s any chance they will give us our money back?? What do you think?“ and thank God she replied, „Oh thank heavens you said that; I can’t stand it another minute! Lets just get outta here!!!!!!! It’s just terrible“.
We got our money back. No questions asked!“

5. „The soundtrack is the only good thing about this“

6. „I guess that’s the end of Ms Johnson & Mr Dornan’s careers“

7. „Why spend good money seeing this sad mistake when you can spend that money on getting something to eat and staying inside?“

8. „This was a film comparable to a nickelodeon cartoon series, or quite possibly worse“

9. „I find it hilarious that even the actors hated acting it. This is awful.“

10. „All in all, I have only one recommendation for the people who will, inevitably, be dragged (ironic term, given the movie) to the cinema to watch this complete abomination: therapy. Years and years of therapy.“


Credit: Instagram

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